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Athletic Program

The Athletic Department is an integral part of St. Christopher’s School. Its primary goal is to serve in the complete education of the student-athlete while fostering teamwork, commitment and sportsmanship.

St Christopher’s competes with 6 other schools in the San Jose Catholic Athletic League, East Division. All students, boys and girls, in the fifth through eighth grades are eligible to participate in girls and boys volleyball, basketball and track. Starting in the Fall, there is a boys flag football league as well.

St. Christopher’s also hosts two tournaments each academic year: The 8th grade boys and girls St Christopher Basketball Classic in the winter and in the spring the 8th grade boys Volleyball Invitational.

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St. Christopher’s is dedicated to ensuring the school athlete can participate in a safe environment geared to foster commitment, sportsmanship and competition in its proper perspective.

Athletics and Divisions
Any St. Christopher’s student in grades 5-8 may participate in a league sport. Sports are offered as follows:

Fall Girls Volleyball
Boys Flag Football
Winter Girls Basketball
Boys Basketball
Spring Girls Softball
Boys Volleyball
Boys and Girls Track *

* Track consists of practice and only one Track Meet for the year.

Divisions are formed as follows:

A Division: Grade 8
B Division: Grade 7
C Division: Grade 6
D Division: Grade 5

When two grades are combined together; their division will be designated by the older grade.

Split Teams
When divisions are broken into several teams, the coach, Athletic Director and Holy Name Sports Representatives make every effort to divide teams evenly according to ability.

Tournament Teams
Every opportunity is made to place each team in at least one tournament per season. However in the upper division St. Christopher provides an opportunity for some athletes to participate on a tournament team. This team does not compete within the SJCAL-East Division. Instead these teams, boys and girls, compete with teams outside of the league including Catholic, private and public school teams. The Athletic Department, coaches and HNS Representatives decide which players will play on the Tournament Team.

Playing Time Guidelines
Playing time guidelines have been established by the HNS. Specifics are spelled out the Athletic Handbook and are based upon the sport and the division. In general, the lower divisions are guaranteed more playing time than the upper divisions. In all divisions, commitment, attitude, sportsmanship, and attendance at practice and games are taken into account.

All teams participating in any tournaments continue to be governed by rules established for League play. Issues such as playing time remain the same.


Students who commit to a St. Christopher’s team are expected to attend all practices and games. While perfect attendance is the ideal, we know that it may not always be possible. Advanced notice of anticipated absences should be given to the coach and the Athletic Director. Playing time is governed by the “three strikes rule “ as described in the Athletic Handbook.

Any student absent from school or unable to participate in P.E. class may not participate in practice or games held that day. Absenteeism will have a direct impact on playing time. Coaches will make this determination based on a variety of factors. The Athletic Director will have the final say on such matters.



Our students are expected to support their team. Any comments made during practice or games should always be positive. Our students will not speak poorly of anyone, including those on an opposing team. We expect our athletes to play with the same enthusiasm and attitude when they are winning as when they are losing.

We encourage wide spread support from friends and family members of their child at the games. Please also be aware that St. Christopher’s will not tolerate any criticism of coaches, referees and players during games or practices. Any concerns should be addressed accordingly, starting with the Coach, Athletic Director, Holy Name President or School Principal.

Coaches and Volunteers

Coaches are selected by the Holy Name Society and Athletic Director from the faculty, staff, alumni, parents and friends of the school. All coaches must demonstrate a knowledge of the skills and rules of the game, an ability to work with children and a commitment to the philosophy and goals of the St. Christopher’s Athletic Program. All coaches must be registered with the Diocese of San Jose and require finger printing through the County
Sheriffs Department.

The Athletic Department greatly welcomes anyone who wishes to be involved with the program. We have a constant need for event set up, referees, scorekeepers, etc. at all our athletic events. Please contact Chuck Purdy at (stchrisholyname@gmail.com) if you are interested in volunteering.

Transportation to and from games is the parents responsibility. Neither St. Christopher’s nor its coaches are responsible for organizing transportation for any of its athletes.

Uniforms are issued at the beginning of each season and are the responsibility of players and parents until the close of the season when the uniform must be returned. A player and/or parent is financially responsible for the uniform until it is returned at the end of the season. Please follow the care instructions found within each uniform. Please do not iron over any numbers or lettering.

Thank you for your attention and support of the St Christopher Athletic Program.


John Bovone
President, St. Christopher Holy Name Society

Chuck Purdy
Athletic Director, St. Christopher School

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